Thursday, March 3, 2011


Iguazu falls was our last stop in Argentina before Forest and I got our visas and headed on to Brazil. The waterfalls were beyond magnificent - I have never seen anything like them.

Strangely enough, being near the falls was eerily similar to my experience of being very close to an enormous forest fire last summer in Stehekin which swallowed up thousands of acres of land. The sheer magnitude of the falls, the mists thrown up hundreds of feet in the air, and the powerful roar of the water plummeting over Iguazu bore an uncanny resemblance to the enormous forest fire with its billowing clouds of smoke rising from the ground and the roar of acre upon acre of spreading flames. 

Both are incredible sights to behold. Myself, I found the waterfall experience a bit more relaxing than the wildfire one. Here are some shots from our two days there.

Forest experiencing some obvious confusion as to where to be shooting as he totally overlooks the falls and opts to snap  photos upriver. Amateurs these days.

Jungle mud after some barefoot running


Our home for three days. Hostel Bambu.
Thunder storm

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  1. CANYON!!!!!!!!!!! I love these. Well, of course I love these considering the fact that they sparkle ;) haha but really, they are beautiful and I WILL GO THERE. end of story :)